Triss' Story


After the death of my foster father, I felt it was time to seek answers about my true parents. I found information in his journals referring to an elven woman and a human man from a far off place. That is where my search will begin, but to get there I had to stow away on a mercenary ship and hope to not be discovered. On the way to eventide, the ship was destroyed and I awoke on the shoreline, unsure of the events that had unfolded.

The Forest

There on the beach, I met Regnar Drizzlebeard and Dahlia Black. They too had been on the ship and now find themselves in the same position as me. We found a dying member of the crew on the beach, he whispered “Find the death children.” and grew silent. We headed north through a forest path, eventually being ambushed on the road. Our assailants were none other than crewmen on the flotilla of ships we had been on ourselves. We stopped and used the crewmen’s camp for the night. In the morning we discovered a hidden path to a long-forgotten Aemnir forest temple. The temple had many treasures and we were attacked by skeletons and ghosts. We left the temple and made our way to the Green Dragon Inn at the crossroads.

There we saw 3 bandits enter the inn and cause a scene, they were interrupted by a hooded man who escorted them outside. We followed, but after we had exited, we found no trace of them. The next day, we headed to city Muckwallow to see if the remnants of our flotilla had ended up there. On the Gold road, we found a guard outpost. The guards there attempted to make us pay a toll, but Dahlia convinced them to let us go for free. While passing through, we attempted to ask the head guard about purchasing some of their horses from them, but a wolf attack from the forest stopped our efforts. In the chaos, we stole three.


At Muckwallow, we found a ship from our flotilla at the docks and a ship Regnar recognized as a ship from his former mercenary company, Aquila. The docks guard told us that the remaining crewmembers might be at the inn. So we headed to the inn. The innkeeper informed us that the crew had spent a few days in Muckwallow but had headed to the city of Goldenrod sometime ago. We also headed to the general store to pick up supplies and talked to the owner Mrs. Nichters, who asked if we could search the lake for her husband, Karl, who had gone missing. We agreed, but after leaving the shop we were approached by some guards who had overheard us talking about the lake. They asked us to go meet with the Viscount Muttel. Regnar refused and had to be forcibly taken.

We met with Muttel and he informed us of the dire water situation of Muckwallow. The river water was waning and had grown muddier than usual, almost unusable. The source originated from the lake the viscount said We agreed to help in exchange for access to the Aquila ship. Before leaving for the lake, we spent the night at the inn, where I tipped the innkeeper extra to help with the lack of customers. The next morning we headed for the lake, but just before we left a man named Billiam approached us and asked if we wanted protection on the rough roads. We accepted the offer and met up with 3 bodyguards named Rogard, Mechathak and Julk. We found an old shack with a crazy old man occupying it, he offered to rent us boats, and after exploring the lakeside, rented out two boats to explore the lake.

The Lake

On the lake, we were ambushed by several mutated fish people in mismatched chainmail armor and wielding spears. During the fight, one of the bodyguards, Rogard, attempted to assassinate Regnar. He failed and jumped into the lake. A shark attacked Rogard in the water and he was killed. In the battle, our second boat began to sink and when we defeated the fish people, we were very suspicious of the two remaining bodyguards. Regnar held them at bow point and had them attempt to row us to shore. The weather picked up on our return back and suddenly a whirlpool appeared next to us with silver light emanating from it’s center. A giant watery hand appeared out of the silver light and grabbed our boat. It threw us back to the shore.

When I awoke I saw Dahlia and Regnar nearby, and the crazy old man standing over an unconscious stranger on the ground. Our boat was in the tree. Suddenly the creature, who’s arm had thrown us earlier, appeared and revealed itself to be a huge water elemental. The old man suddenly yelled at us to run, as he shot ice bolts from his hands. Dahlia attempted to save the unconscious stranger but ultimately had to leave with the rest of us.

Of Mud and Men

The old man told us to go the inn, so we did. We waited several hours at a table. Eventually the old man showed up, and introduced himself as Meohisto Zagillion, a mage from West Valske. His true form was that of a typical wizard, having cast a appearance changing spell on himself. Behind him, floating in, was the unconscious man from earlier. We realized he was Billiam, the man who had sold us protection earlier. Zagillion entered a secret room and interrogated him. When Zagillion reemerged, he had learned information that only we thought we were aware of and informed us the lake’s cursed status. He asked that one of us also interrogate him. Dahlia was selected as she is the most silver-tongued. We watched through an invisible wall as Billiam recounted his tale to Dahlia. When it was over, Zagillion mentioned we should interrogate the viscount.

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Triss' Story

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