Protection Specialist



Billiam offered the adventurers protection when venturing to Muckwallow lake. He argued that the Viscount is corrupt and would try to kill them should they attempt to fix the lake’s problems. The adventurers accepted Billiam’s proposal and met his men at a lake shack.

The Lake

When the adventurers had been hurled back to shore by the lake elemental, their boat landed in the tree, knocking Billiam from his perch. He was saved by Zagillion, who protected him from the creature, and was taken back to the Inn at Muckwallow. There he was interrogated by Zagillion, and finally Dahlia Black.

The Interrogation

At first he professed his innocence, he was simply checking on his men he hired. But he later admitted to being pressured by a group of unknown benefactors to spy and report on anyone involved in in the flotilla attack on the Arcton Sea.


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